Universal Purpose "UP" has a variety of products that are offered:

  • Body oils,

  • Lotions,

  • Shower gels,

  • Burning oils,

  • Car freshners,

  • Shea butter, and

  • Oil burners


The body and burning products come in different sizes and prices. Oil lamps and other burning devices come in different shapes and colors. Since our oils contain no water or alcohol, it allows the oil to penetrate the skin and mixes with your body chemistry. This enables individuals to experience the long lasting effect of our product. The unique advantage of our product may be used in the home as well, providing a dynamic environment burned in your favorite heating device. The purity of the oil produces a soothing atmosphere for your home or place of business. Sizes and prices are listed in the product information section.

Universal Purpose Body Products has been in existence for over 20 years. Our company was founded and is currently based in Dallas, Tx. Our experience in the fragrance oil industry has enabled us to produce products which are both suitable and affordable for consumers of all ages and gender.


In efforts to provide a supreme product with quality customer service, we have developed new opportunities for financial growth and high consumer demand. We have developed the ability to structure and orchestrate fundraisers for youth athletics, private organizations, churches, and individuals trying to birth their entrepreneurship endeavors.


We specialize in branding business owners with our product, which enhances their marketing opportunity to increase their financial growth. It is the intent of Universal Purpose to meet the needs of our customers, and promote service with the highest quality we can offer.


We look forward to providing you with the latest fragrances and all the time tested favorites of the past.


Thank you for experiencing our product and with committed FAITH,

"We Help God's People Prosper."